May 2003

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Rear Hubs

Today was a good news day.  BJC phoned saying they have all the parts for the rear hub refurbishment and will send them.  I removed the shrouds around the UJ’s in the drive shafts and got the wood to make a cradle to support the rear hubs whilst I press out the bearings.  The best news came in an e-mail from Nostalgia. They have the steel and will commence the build of the chassis in the next couple of weeks, also they have sourced, subject to price, all the components to convert the engine to manual and match up the Getrag gearbox



Drive Shafts

Split the UJ’s from the drive shafts. Investigated how to remove the fulcrum bearings. HM says to drift them out but it doesn’t look easy. Cleaned up the power steering pump bolts and belt tension adjuster. Replacement upright arrived today, a Saturday. Now there’s good service.  To my surprise it is complete with hub and what look like new bearings.   I’m thinking over whether to buy a hydraulic press, to press out / install  the hubs and various bearings. 




Rear Hub


Today was Greg’s birthday; we celebrated with Brenda & Brian (Greg’s parents) Greg, Sara, and Evie, Mary and I  with lunch at the “Firze Bush”.  To be thoroughly recommended.  However, I did manage some work on the car .  I returned to the puzzle of how to dismantle the fulcrum bearings to renew them. Carefully removing the outer retainers, oil seals and shims (Take a note of the order and placing of each item)  I then worked out that with the aid of a narrow bladed screwdriver the Fulcrum bearing retainers can carefully be prized out of the uprights releasing the tapered roller bearings.  This enables the centre spacer to be withdrawn.  Cleaning out the grease reveals 2 slots that should accept a long drift and enable the outer bearing track to be driven out – a job for tomorrow.



Hub Carrier



“Start the day with a success” I went to B&Q early and bought some 6mm square rod and some 8mm round rod.  I cut some pieces about 200mm long  to make some drifts.  The square one worked a treat and despite having to work through the upright to the far side, so you are working partially blind, I managed to drive out both outer bearing tracks.  Fitted the inlet manifold and throttle body the engine


Rear Suspension

Stripped the rear wishbones, ready for exchange.



Pedal box

Yesterday I received the invoice for the rolling chassis which will be ready for collection in the week commencing 27th May.  This has spurred me on to get all the bits that are to be exchanged, ready. The rear wishbones, prop shaft and drive shafts are already done. Today I stripped the brake servo and pedal box. I also assembled the hydraulic press that I will need to refurbish the hubs and  uprights

Total hours `this month = 16 hrs  

Total hours to date = 264 hrs