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Hello, I'm David East. Welcome to TopCat Engineering.  This is the chronicle of  the building of a Nostalgia Classic 120, a Jaguar XK120 replica. 

Use the navigation buttons above to come and see how we are progressing.

The Build Calendar is the real time notes and thoughts as we build the car.   Over the years  of the project the build calendar has kept on growing in chronological order. I realised that for those following on it was becoming increasingly difficult to find specific information. Eventually, it will all be collated and transferred to an on line build manual in the "Garage". I've added a new search engine to the build calendar pages.  Navigate to the build pages  and click on the search button. It works with single words or phrases and should provide you with a "Google" style list of documents and references to your search request.

The Garage is where we will put information about building the car which we hope will help others building a Classic 120

We found other builders photographs a useful aid when we were building the Westfield. In due course the Photo Album will contain pictures of the build process of our Classic 120. If you are following in our footsteps we hope you will find them useful too.

The Junk Box is a collection of items of general interest as well as those things we can't find anywhere else to put them.

If you would like to contact us then E-mail:  TopCat

Nostalgia Cars Ltd.


If you are interested in building a Nostalgia Classic 120 there is no better place to start than a visit the factory web site. Click on the logo on the left.