IVA 2010
1 year on from the introduction of IVA and Nostalgia about to submit the first car for inspection. On a recent visit to the Factory we were able to see some of the alterations that have been introduced in order for the car to comply with the IVA requirements. Most noticeable is the decision not to submit the vehicle with dumb irons and bumpers. Remember what is not there can't be tested.
Secondly the addition of a new housing and reflector to the rear of the car. this serves two purpose.The housing covers up where the dumb iron and bumper would fit. whilst the reflector fulfills the IVA requirement that the reflector must be visible when the boot lid is open.
The requirement for external rear view mirrors are much more stringent, Besides the obvious field of view parameters, the rear view mirrors have to be flexible and fold back un a 10kg pressure. On the test car suitable mirrors are mounted high up on the windscreen pillar
A close up of the external rear view mirrors.

At the front the dumb irons the bumpers are omitted and the mounting nuts, despite being domed, are wrapped in rubber.

Most noticeable item not yet fitted to the vehicle were the seats which must have built in head rests.

The vehicle is due to be presented for testing on 9th April 2010. We wish Nostalgia and the owner well and for a successful outcome/