September 2002







Viewed the car. Bodywork not bad, showing some rust from being 20 years old and stood outside for a year. 5 good tyres, Drives OK. Brakes spongy. Windscreen wipers do not self-park. Lots of service history. Engine sounds ok and does not seem to be burning oil.  Oil pressure 40 psi, Temperature gauge suspect, Engine mileage is a big attraction. Started first time.   Purchased for 650.




In the interim period since buying the car, Peter & Sue have done a sterling job organising transport.  They found a trailer hire company in Billingshurst and Peter collected the trailer on Friday.  However the Trailer weighs 600Kg and the XJ6 1700Kg this made the train weight over the limit for Peter to tow with his Renault Laguna Estate.  Keith Strivens to the rescue. Keith loaned us his Mitsubishi Pickup and we collected the car, on Saturday,  on the trailer and bought it home as planned.


1 hr

The dismantling process begins- Removed the Battery cleaned and charged it.  Just joking.



8 hrs


The battery has maintained its charge. Space is all-important when building a kit car. Consequently not much has been done to the XJ6 over the past couple of weeks. All my efforts have been put in to re-organising the garage.  Tools have been mounted on pegboards to maximise the space.  Today I made the jacking pads for the XJ6 and tried them out.   With the shaped jacking pads in place it is a simple matter to raise the car high enough to get the axle stands in place.  During the week the engine stand and hoist were delivered these have been assembled and are ready for action.




Today has been a get ready to dismantle day.  I had time to do a number of things on the XJ6. I refitted the battery it was good to hear the engine start up and run smoothly again.  The coolant temperature gauge reads scale as soon as the engine is switched on, rising or almost fsd when the engine is hot.  The engine does not overheat as far as I can tell. Simple checks, like disconnecting the sensor and the gauge goes to zero point to the sensor being duff.  Also the brake fluid light is on, but topping this up cured the problem.  I was surprised when we got the car home to find the battery was not secured in place.  I found the battery clamps in the boot.  It looks as though the wrong size battery has been fitted.  I sprayed every nut and bolt I could find with WD40 to aid dismantling.

Total hours this month = 17  

Total hours to
Date  = 17