November 2007

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I was  prompted by Ian Black  at the NEC Classic Car show that it was time I updated the web site. In truth, since the car has been at the trimmers, I've not had a lot to do or say.  It has been a bit of a roller coaster as much dictated by our desire to exhibit the car at the  NEC and when that wasn't possible try for the Exeter Kit Car show. In the end the car didn't make it to either. 

 The car went to the trimmer back end of August I think we knew that e would be tight for time if we were to pass SVA and do the final fittings for the shows. It transpired that time and fate was against us  The trimmer moved premises and anyone who has moved a business from one location to another and tried to keep working knows that delays are inevitable.  Despite us sending the seat shells for upholstering and ordering the materials well in advance progress has  been slow.  Before the car went to the trimmer,  we  decided to redesign the dashboard so that the radio, clock and cigarette lighter socket (really to power the sat nav and mobile phone) were fitted in to an extension at the bottom of he dashboard. the shape of e dashboard to follow the pattern set by the XK140.  Also we decided to re-arrange the warning lights  to get the min beam, Handbrake/ brake fluid, Oil pressure and Ignition warning lamps in to the min dash panel. Leaving the Indicator, Hazard and fog warning lamps in the RH side panel.  This introduced another delay because new blanks had to be made for the wooden panels. A further delay was introduced by the company doing he veneer, not picking up the deadline for when the panels were needed.  Throughout this Nostalgia have kept  a certain amount of pressure on the trimmer to meet out deadlines.  This is a bit of a dilemma because we did not want the trimmer to cut any corners just to meet our timescales but rather complete the job properly.

In the mean time we have completed the DVLA paperwork and they have done their preliminary inspection of engine, chassis numbers and pronounced that the car is eligible for an age related plate.  They have accepted the retention certificate for "WXK 828" and this is the number under which the car will be registered. It is worth pointing out at this stage that any alterations you make to the car such as engine change, gearbox conversion from auto to manual  are changed on the V5 document of the donor car.  It just makes life a whole lot easier if the DVLA  can't pick up any material differences between the donor car and your Nostalgia Classic.  We also applied for SVA and were given a date of 30th November It became clear around the Thursday of last week that we were not going to be ready.  The new dash panels were not back from the veneer shop and no forecast of when they would be.

We cancelled SVA at the beginning of this week and received a new date of 28th December.  We also made plans for me to go to the Trimmer with Simon Davis to make the alterations' to the wiring of the warning lights after our dash board redesign.   Whilst we were making these arrangements with the Trimmer we got some good news, the Dash panel was back from the veneer company. Then VOSA Called to say that they have a cancellation for 17th December which we can have and if the car is not ready we can fall back to the 28th December.  

I turned up at the Trimmers new premises in Bridgwater at about 8:30 today.  The boot trimming is finished, as is the rear bulkhead, cockpit combing, carpeted floor, transmission tunnel and the driver's door. The passenger door is lined and aluminium inner panel is made, but not yet covered and fitted. The dash panel has been trial fitted and the edges veneered. (The veneer company only does the flat surfaces.) The seats are upholstered but not yet leather covered.  I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the work . It looks fantastic and will be well worth the wait. 

The wiring alterations were easy to accomplish.  I had designed the wiring loom so that if it became necessary to remove the RH dash panel and warning lights they could be disconnected from the loom and removed as a whole. The loom terminated in two mate-n-lock connectors.  As luck would have it the warning lamps that were remaining in the RH side panel  were  all all in one connector  and the others were easily rerouted to to  centre panel from the loom to a separate connector.  Once the  looms were separated from the panel and the bulb holders removed it was an easy matter to sort out the power and earth connections required and re-loom the wiring to place the bulb holders in their correct locations.  Lastly we marked the back of the dash panel and the corresponding wiring and switches so that that it would be easy to connect up when the dash panel is finally fitted.

I've placed the latest pictures in the Painting & Finishing section of the  Photo Album .


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