November 2006

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Windscreen Washer

Here we are almost half way through November and I have very little to show for it.   Not that I have been idle, just not working on the car.  I've been preparing to take over the NSCC web site.  Andrew Appleton and his guy's have done a super job for us over the past few years for free. There are things we need to do to bring the club to life  So gradually over the past few months I have been  tasking over the reins of administration but now we need to make fundamental changes to content. I think it unfair to burden Andrew and MBSL Ltd, with making the changes  when they have a busy company to run.  I've put the wheels in motion to register a new domain Hopefully it will be in operation early in 2007.  In the mean time the old web site will continue in operation. 

Why have I been doing this and ot working on the car? I'm kind of in limbo wafting for Nostalgia to give me a date to hand the car over to them for finishing.   I've been clearing up a few last jobs like cleaning up the air flow meter, modifying and making the brackets  to mount it to the wing,  fitting the windscreen washer bottle and  sorting our how the front wing closing panels fit.  To get the windscreen washer bottle mounted I had to make a bracket to stand the bottle about 2" off the inner wing web. It was necessary to do this for two reasons.  The first to get over the wiring room and the second to get the bottle sufficiently out in to the engine bay to fill it and remove it if necessary.  I've got it mounted and connected but I need to tidy up and re-secure the loom after I disturbed it to mount the bracket.  I also stopped at the point where I need to run the pipe to the washer jet because I need to fit the inner wing panel in place and then sort out the routing of the pipe.  Today I've been working on the bulkhead closing panels. These  are predrilled to match the captive nuts mounted in the bulkhead.  It is necessary to open out the holes to get the panels to fit.  they are currently drying after being painted.  Before I fit hem I've been securing the wiring to the side repeaters using stick on mounts and cable ties.



No work in the car for the past 2 weeks. I've been busy with making a video of our trip to Australia in 2000 to send to our Australian relatives.  It should have been a simple job but a major computer malfunction has turned it in to a nightmare that I have to get finished before Christmas.



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Total hours to date =1971.0hrs.