May 2007

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It has been a while since I posted an update. The car is still at Nostalgia. The bodywork  ahs been finished, ready for primer fro some time but has had to wait its turn in the queue to enter the spray booth.  Nostalgia, like me, have been busy preparing for the Open Day to launch the new factory. the day was highly successful and well attended and set to become an annual event.  With that out of the way normal service resumed. the car and been primed and given a thick coat of Black to assist with flatting the finish.   The gear box had already been removed before open day and the bell housing sent ot VSL . They will plug the starter mounting holes and drill new mounting hole in the correct position for he starter motor to engage in the flywheel.  The bell housing should be back after the Bank holiday ready to refit the gearbox.   Once this has been done I will go to Nostalgia to commission the engine.




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