March 2003

Date Event


6 hrs


Painted the inlet manifold, injector brackets and engine ignition amplifier box. Cleaned the auxiliary air valve.  Refitted the temperature switches and temperature gauge sender to the coolant rail. Progress seems painfully slow, caused, mainly, by waiting for painted components to dry.  I have ordered the manifold gaskets and engine chrome nut kit from sngbarratt



5 hrs


The gaskets and chrome nut kit arrived today.  Most of the day was spent cleaning the throttle body, air distribution bloc and associated pipes.  Fitted the engine breather pipe housing to the front of the engine and secured with new chrome nuts. Started to replace the head nuts with new chrome nuts and D washers.  Two of the head studs unscrewed out of the block. One is quite badly corroded and will have to be replaced



3 hrs



I managed to get the head nuts off of the head studs that had unscrewed out of the block  by cutting a head nut in half and using it as a lock nut against another head nut. Luckily the studs have the same size thread at each end. Clamping the studs firmly in a vice and using a AF ring spanner and socket as well as some brute force and at one stage some heat from a blow torch, off they came.  The shorter one was good enough to put back and this was refitted capping it with a new chrome nut and D washer.  The long one was measured at 327 mm and a replacement ordered.   More painting of pipes and brackets as well as de-rusting the oil cooler pipes kept me busy.



6 hrs





A bit of an interlude whilst I prepared the Westfield for the summer and for sale.  In between times Ive continued de-rusting, cleaning and painting fuel pipes and oil pipes. The new head stud arrived on Wednesday and I fitted this and the new chromium head nut and D Washer.  As a break from all this cleaning and painting I turned my attention to the engine temperature gauge and sensor.  When the engine last ran the temperature gauge soon got to 130 C since the engine was not running very long

It was hard to tell if this temperature was genuine or the product of a faulty gauge or sensor.  Thinking about it subsequently, it could also have been caused by a lack of antifreeze.  Antifreeze raises the boiling point of the coolant in a pressurized system, allowing the engine to operate at higher temperatures.   I took the temperature gauge out of the dashboard and fixed it up to a 12v power supply.  The resistance range of the sensor is not published, as far as I am aware. Selecting random resistors in the likely range I connected these across the temperature gauge and built up a table of resistance against temperature using MS Excel.  Using the tend analysis function I predicted the range of resistance needed to cover 0 C to 130 C.  I then selected resistor combinations to represent 10 degree intervals from 50 to 130 C and used these to check the accuracy of my calculation and the meter.  The results we spot on over the complete range of the meter.  Now I need to check the sensor.




At last something tangible to show for my efforts. Ive started to fit things back on the engine. The Cam covers are now dry and hardened off. I removed the masking tape from the cam covers and polished the exposed bright work. I fitted the new Jaguar logo to the cam cover and the effect looks quite pleasing. Using the Haynes manual for guidance I torque tightened the new cylinder head nuts. Then removed the making tape and newspaper, covering the cam shafts. Using new gaskets and chrome nuts I fitted the cam covers back on the engine.  I was pleased with the result. The top half of the engine looks very smart. 





A bits and pieces day. Torque tightened the cam cover bolts. Painted the logo and legend on the side of the cylinder block. Measured the fuel pipe to order the braided hoses. Cleaned and greased the inlet manifold studs. Finally conducted a simple experiment to measure the performance of the temperature gauge sensor.  I dunked the sensor in boiling water and checked the reading on the gauge. It read 120 C.  Checking the water temperature with my old beer making thermometer the water though clearly boiling read 95 C. As the water cooled down there was at least a 10 C over reading on the gauge throughout the range.  I think I will replace the sensor.

Total Hours this month = 27 hrs


Total hours to date =
229 hrs