February 2004

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Clutch Fork

I spent a couple of hours with John Hopkins, while he made me a new clutch fork pivot.  Later I painted the upper steering column bracket, the clutch forks  and the master cylinder.


3 hrs

Clutch Master Cylinder

Pedal box

Brake Master Cylinder

I decided that the bolts holding the clutch master cylinder to the pedal box were not long enough. It's not possible to replace the bolts with longer ones without removing the cylinder because the reservoir gets in the way. I removed the clevis pin from the pedal and removed the clutch master cylinder. Loosened the reservoir having marked its position first fitted the longer bolts and tightened up the reservoir in its original position . This time instead of making a gasket I used silicon based (translucent) sealer. Fitted the clutch master cylinder to the pedal box and tightened the bolts. Wiping away the surplus sealer with a  damp cloth left a much neater finish to the join than the gasket. Refitted the clevis pin to the clutch pedal.

Fitted the pedal box to the bulkhead. Sealed the join with silicon sealer.  The pedal box fits to the bulkhead with 5 x 5/16 UNC bolts,  3/4" long are required for 3 at the front and  2 x 1/2" long  are required for the rear.  The 6th mounting bolt is 3/8 UNF x 1/2". My bulkhead was drilled for 5/16 bolts all round. It was necessary to remove the pedal box and drill the hole to size then refit the box. 

Finished painting the brake master cylinder, upper steering column bracket and clutch forks.


Brake Master Cylinder

I assembled the primary and secondary pistons of the master cylinder with new seals, washers and seal retainers and lots of brake fluid as lubricant. The instructions with the  Lucas refurbishing kit are pretty good with lots of diagrams  and good instructions to follow.   However it did not take long from me to discover that the paint I had used on  the master cylinder barrel was not as brake fluid proof as I thought. Luckily, I had not reassembled the cylinder so it was a simple matter to strip the paint and repaint the cylinder with brake calliper paint ,which should be brake fluid proof.



Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Servo

Fuel Pipes

At last I was able to get back  to doing some work on the car during a break in fitting my daughters kitchen.  I returned to fitting the pistons to the master cylinder. Using plenty of clean brake fluid they slid in with a gentle twisting / rocking motion and were pushed to the end of he cylinder using a long bladed screwdriver the secondary retaining pin was inserted and the whole thing held in place with a nylon circlip   I now discovered that dot 4 brake fluid attacks calliper paint as well.  I fitted the reservoir seals and the nylon elbows to connect to the remote cylinder but was unhappy with the quality of fit.  I left them for a  while  whilst I started work cleaning up the on the brake servo. I degreased it with a combination of white spirit and gunk and `rinsed it odd with water.  I rubbed the paint down with a rotary wire brush in the Dremel and then applied paint stripper to remove the sound paint.  Using the wire brush again I stripped the servo can back to bare metal.  Cleaned off an loose rust with the wire brush and rinsed with water again.  Painted the can with Kurust to kill any remaining rust residue.
I returned to the master cylinder and discovered that I had fitted the reservoir seals upside down which is why they were loose and easily removed. Rectifying this  fixed the problems and allayed my fears of a hydraulic  leak. The seals are a good tight fit.

I spent a few minutes at the end of the day looking at the fuel pipe runs and have almost decided the best positions and route. Placing masking tape along the inner edge of the chassis I have marked where the clips need to go.  Finally I looked at he clutch components which arrived from Barrett's. It seems I have got the wrong clutch release bearing. I'll contact them on Monday.

1.5 hrs

Repainted the master cylinder where the hydraulic fluid had damaged the paint work.

Painted the brake servo vacuum reservoir in etching primer. Checked the replacement clutch bearing was correct and it is.  Cleaned the  brake discs because they were showing signs of rust, caused by the condensation in the garage


Total Hours this Month =  14.5


Total hours to date =   492.5