December 2007

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SVA Preparation

I got the news today that the car will be back from the trimmer tomorrow.  it is finished and Nostalgia will pick it up and bring it back to Taunton.  The plan is to prepare it for SVA next Monday, 17th December.   I haven't decided if I'm going to Taunton to assist with the preparation yet. I do not want to get in the way. This phase needs to be smooth and slick if we are to meet the deadline of next Monday. If an extra pair of hands would be helpful then I'll roll up my sleeves and do what I can.



It was never meant to be. During a trip to fill up the car with Petrol for SVA the engine blew the head gasket. White smoke/ steam  pouring from the exhaust and the oil is emulsified.  Indicating a break adjacent to a water gallery somewhere.   The SVA is cancelled.  Removing  skimming and refurbishing the head, replacing the head gasket and reassembly, Christmas and the  New year holiday, means there is no way of making it ready for SVA before January 2008.  Frustrating in the extreme sense of he word.  The fault probably the result of only 8000 miles in 10 years in the XJ6 followed by 4 years standing idle.   It is not unknown for XK head gaskets to go but none the less annoying.   We took a gamble that the engine which ran perfectly in the XJ6 and on installation in the 120 would be OK and it has turned out not to be so.  Still I'd rather have the problem to deal with now than in the middle of one of our trips next year.  



In the interest of saving time and the need for specialist equipment and knowledge,  we've made a decision to outsource the work on the engine to a local Jaguar specialist  in Taunton. They will refurbish the head and replace the gasket.  The hope is to have the work completed by the beginning of the New Year.

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Total hours to date =  2146 hrs