December 2003

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Reassembled the RH Brake disk mechanism.



Torque tightened and wire locked the rear brake calipers.




Fitted the hand brake calipers. Started work on fitting the heater to the bulkhead. It's a bit of a jig saw puzzle. Worked out how the heater fitted to the bulkhead and the cover. It was necessary to trim the mounting brackets on the heater to get it to fit the cover.  Trial fitted the heater to the cover and bulkhead.



Bulkhead/ Heater

Drilled the heater box and discovered that the best solution for fixing the box. to the bulkhead was with hex headed self tapping screw.  Obtained some suitable screws from "Unimaster" Mounted the heater, and box to the bulkhead




Placed the bulkhead on the chassis and secured it in place with metal clamps to work out the position and drilling points.




With the bulkhead in place drilled the front face of the bulkhead to match the holes in the chassis brackets. Checked the height (530mm) from the chassis rail of the top rear of he bulkhead and clamped in place.  Noticed a rather large gap 3mm + at the bottom  front of the bulkhead. Inboard on the RHS. Not sure why this is, contacted Nostalgia Removed the bulkhead again to drill the side mounting holes


2 hours


Drilled the side mounting holes. Nostalgia believe the gap will even out once placed on a bed of mastic during final fitting.  Refitted the bulk head, none of the holes I drilled and fitted last Sunday line up, opened them out with a rat tail file I will clamp the bulkhead down at the front to see if I  can minimise the gap and then finish the fitting tomorrow.




During the past couple of weeks I have worked on the bulkhead intermittently. It involved fitting and removing the bulkhead a  couple of times to mark and drill the side bolt holes.  I measured the sides and symmetrically  drilled the holes in the side of the bulkhead , only to find the rear ones were closer to the edge of the side bracket on the chassis,  than I would have liked.  I slotted these holes horizontally to move them further in from the edge of the bracket.  To facilitate marking of the holes in side mounting bracket, I stuck  masking tape on the brackets where I expected `the holes to line up.  To obtain the correct positioning of the side bolts I fitted the bulkhead clamped it in place to obtain the 530mm position.  The positions were marked using a mounting bolt with a dab of paint on the end, passed through the holes to leave an imprint on the masking tape.  Removing the bulkhead again showed exactly where the hole needed to be drilled.  The rear ones were drilled first and they were slotted vertically to provide adjustment fro the bulkhead. To get the full range of adjustment I found it necessary to slot the corresponding holes in the bulkhead The bulkhead was refitted again and adjusted to get the correct height by slightly rotating forward. The height was measured using a 6mm flat bar placed across the chassis and measuring the height exactly with a steel rule (make an allowance for the thickness of the bar eg. 530 - 6 = 524 mm).  Once in place an at the correct height the remaining side bolt holes were marked as before.  removed the bulkhead again and  drilled the remaining holes. I found it prudent and necessary to open all the holes out slightly with a rat tail file. Trial fitted the bulkhead for the last time and checked that with all the bolts tightened up the correct height could be achieved.  Removed the bulkhead and placed a bed of translucent silicon sealer in the places `indicated by the build manual. Refitted the bulkhead. Throughout the fitting of the we have had a discrepancy in the position of bulkhead as measured at the datum points. was  LHS low and could be adjusted correctly  using the 6mm bar and ruler to position the ruler exactly at the datum point. The top rear edge of the bulkhead is radiused to ensure accuracy we laid another steel rule across the top of the bulkhead and measured where the two rulers met as the true height of the bulkhead.  With the LHS  correct the RHS was always high and we had to apply some downward force to get it correct.  the final result was 530mm to within less than 0.5mm each side.   Tightened all the bolts and rechecked the measurements again satisfactorily.  Cleaned up the excess sealer  and left to dry.

Total hours this Month = 22  

Total hours to date = 451 hrs