December 2002

Date Event


4 hrs


It feels like a disappointing day today with not much to show for 4 hours work. Most of the day was spent sorting out and labelling and boxing up the pile of bits in the garage to make space in which to work.  I experimented with ďGunkĒ on various pieces of suspension, the transmission and brake servo, to degrease them and see how badly corroded they were, and if they would clean up enough to use them. It looks as though they will clean up as good as new.


5 hrs

Drive Plate

Iíve finally made enough room in the garage to create some working space and got the place back to being reasonably clean and tidy.  For the last hour Iíve struggled to get the drive plate off.  The tab washer and bolts were fairly easy to undo with a large spanner on the crankshaft pulley to stop it turning and an extension bar on a ĺĒ socket to undo the actual drive plate bolts.   According to Haynesí it should just pull off , which is what I expected, but it refuses to budge.  Gentle persuasion with a nylon hammer didnít work either. Iíve left it soaking in WD40, to try again tomorrow.

Total hours this Month = 9  

Total hours to date = 136Ĺ hrs