April 2008

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After a month of continuous rain (or it seems like it) I can reveal the latest adventure for the "Black Cat". Just after picking the car up from Nostalgia we were approached by a journalist who was looking for a replica XK120 to compare with a genuine one, as the basis for an article for Classic Car Magazine. Today we went to "Racing Green", Ash Vale, Surrey, for the photo shoot. There we met the Journalist and the Photographer. Racing Green loaned us a very nice 1954 model and we set off in convoy for the location by a lake at Shackleford.

It is very interesting to see how these things are done. The photographer is very much in charge during the photo session, All we were required to do was position the cars according to his instructions. The still shots of the cars together and individually were followed by the detail shots of both vehicles, so that direct comparisons and the differences could be captured.  During this last phase was when I was interviewed by the journalist.  We returned to photographing the cars being driven up and down the nearby road together and on their own, past the photographer , who was busily snapping away. Lastly and most hilarious was the open road shots of the cars overtaking. This was done  with me driving the photographers van, with him sitting in the back with the tail gate open and the Journalist driving the XK120, then the Black Cat, straddling the centre of the road as though overtaking. With that we wrapped up the photo shoot and headed back to Racing Green. The whole thing had taken just over 4 hours.

The article should be published around September time

You can find some pictures of the day here

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