April 2003

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Progress seems painfully slow at the moment, with cleaning, de-rusting and painting of fuel and cooling pipes for the engine. Over the past few days I have bitten the bullet to sell the Westfield and have arranged to go to the Detling Kit Car show (I year on from when I started) to order the chassis




Detling (1 year on) I met up with Chris Boyer again and took the first steps to ordering the chassis with the aim of having enough parts to build a rolling chassis over the summer.  I should get the quotation this week and the chassis should be available for collection at the end of May.  I also took the decision to fit a manual gearbox. This will involve additional work in converting the pedal box, fitting a flywheel and clutch, but it will be simpler to set up and maintain and  will be more in keeping with the original vehicle.  I also gleaned a few useful tips on developments which have taken place over the last year such as replacement radiators, new mounting plate for the diff and other suspension bits that are not used, New dash panel and instrument layout.





One of the things I learned at Detling yesterday was to use the power steering pump as an idler pulley and to use both drive belts, as done on the XJ6 engine originally. This avoids having to make or move the alternator so that it could be driven by a single drive belt.  So today I located the power steering pump and brackets (just as well I kept them) and began the cleaning up process.  I originally thought just to blank off the inlet and outlet but I think a better solution would be to short circuit them and fill the pump as usual. This has the added advantage of not running the pump dry and keeping the bearing lubricated.   I dismantled the viscous coupled fan and cleaned that up as well.  I was not going to use it and replace it with an electric fan. However Chris advised me that they use both.




In between watching the momentous events in Baghdad including the toppling of the statue I spent the day painting the power steering pump and the cooling fan.  Today, is the day I ordered the parts for a rolling chassis and paid the deposit




Today is another milestone in the building of the Classic 120. I have sold the Westfield. This removes a major impediment to the build, by freeing up the space to build the car.  I can now safely get the chassis in one side of the garage and all the components in the other half and have plenty of room in which to work. I have cleaned the garage floor, where the Westfield was, ready to reposition work benches, tool boxes and components before the chassis arrives.   Since I last wrote I have been painting the cooling fan and various engine brackets such as the power steering bracket. The rest of the time has been spent cleaning and preparing the Westfield for sale.




With the Westfield gone, it was time to repaint the garage floor where it had been. When it was dry I moved the tool chest and the engine, on its’ stand, to the other side if the garage ready to start work rebuilding it.   Also a general tidy up of the garage to make a working space for the chassis. The floor will need repainting after all the degreasing and painting of the components that has gone on.  Finished up the day by steam cleaning and degreasing the diff.  Once 20 years of road grime and accumulated oil was cleaned off it looks as though it is oil tight and the grease was caused by general spillage during servicing.





Over yesterday and today I've continued to work on the diff. It’s now drying after being treated with “Kurust” paint.  I ordered reconditioned brake callipers, new brake discs, disc pads and engine service items today from “Berkshire Jag Components” (BJC).  I am impressed by the response (personal delivery tomorrow) and the promise of a discount.  Already, without discount, I have saved £40 over the prices quoted by “SNG Barratt”

Fitted the new bench vice to the B&D Workmate.



Rear Hub

BJC delivered the parts today with a £20 discount.  The diff has been painted with Hammerite silver and looks as good as new. While I was waiting for the paint to dry I cleaned the rear hub carriers. The RH one was no problem but the LH one is worn on the inner face and the bearing is very loose. The LH one is the same wheel that was held on by the bent nail instead of a split pin.  It appears that because the wheel bearing was not adjusted correctly the inner ring on the drive shaft has spun round and worn away the upright.  I've ordered a new upright and replacement hub bearing and fulcrum bearings.  This seemed sensible because the hub will need to be changed for splined hubs for the wire wheels.


Total hours this month = 19 Total hours to date = 248 hrs